Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great day at Walgreen's and Family Dollar!

Walgreens:  Paid 4.67 before tax for the following items
1 can Pure Silk shaving cream 1.99 - 1.50 RR
3 Bars Yardley soap 1.49 each
1 Tylenol Precise patches 7.99
2 packages of Oscar Mayer hotdogs 2.99 B1G1
2 Tylenol Precise pain cream 7.99 each
1 Laffy Taffy (filler) .15
1 pk Scrunci hair bands 2.00- 2.00RR

That is over $35.00 worth of stuff, and I even messed up and didn't get my soap to ring up at .69 each from the in store coupon, darn!  Well, next time I'll go a little slower and get a little bit more organized.  I would have paid 1.50 less but the last transaction wouldn't let me use my last register rewards so I'll save them for my next trip!

Family Dollar:  Paid 1.23 including tax
I bought 4 bottles of Red Hot Wing Sauce for a total value of $4.00 (they were on sale for $1.00 a bottle).  I used (4) .75 coupons, a great add to the stock pile!

Went on and took the kids to McDonald's for 5 free Frozen Strawberry Lemonades :)!!!

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